About Outdoor Activites Kefalonia

  Our mission is all about having fun and enjoying nature

  Our goal is to create memories & your vacation's highlights

  Our vision is being one with nature


Outdoor Activities for all tastes, skills and ages.

Our Team - Dedicated, adventurous and experienced people.

Kostas is the owner of the office.

A very experienced and certified


and mountain bike rider.

He has climbed the biggest mountains of Greece, the Alps and other mountains in Europe.
As a mountain bike rider he has participated in many marathon and half marathon races, finishing in the first 8 places.

He likes off roading and overlanding.

So far he has visited many countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Syria, Israel and Egypt.
A humorous and open minded person.

He surprises all the beginners with his patience and his way of teaching.
He always comes excited with new ideas for the next weekend!

Somebody stop him!

Kostas Vitor

Rock Climbing
Mountain Biking
Island Tour

Be a Traveler, not a Tourist.

I'm Kostas Vitor and I would like to welcome you to one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.

Kefalonia has so many amazing places unknown to most people and well hidden.

We would like to share them with you.

In Wild Nature Expeditions Kefalonia you may find activities suitable for the most demanding!

But the beginners will enjoy as well since we offer a huge range of outdoor activities and sports.

Discover Kefalonia with us.

Stefanos Kounadis

Caving, Island Tour, Safari

Island Tour
Scuba Diving

Friend of Kostas and a great supporter of Wild Nature since it's very beginning.

Served the Hellenic Special Forces and he's an active member of the Red Cross Samaritans.

A great character and a great guide.

With his vast knowledge he will tell you everything about Kefalonia in his own humorous way.

He likes parachuting, travelling around Greece with his family and cycling or abseiling cliffs, with friends!
A very friendly and multi-talented person-the "Big Boy" of Wild Nature Expds!

He has travelled all over the world! 

Germany, Spain, Scotland, Serbia, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Tasmania, Australia  and New Zealand.

And a lot of new destinations to come!

Efi Nanousi

Rock Climbing, Caving, Island Tour, Safari

Island Tour
Rock Climbing
Scuba Diving

The beautiful girl of Wild Nature and the best female climber in Kefalonia.

She's also our graphic designer. Super friendly and social.

She's a certified rock climber and mountaineer.

So you will see her during adrenaline activities.

In the winter she travels around Greece and Europe.

 She likes to visit countries like Italy, Spain and France with Kostas.

They travel there for ice and rock climbing

or just to see different places and cultures.