Where Mt Aenos name came from

Mountain Aenos or Niriton in the ancient times. The biggest and most important mountain in the Ionian Islands with it’s 1628 meters of altitude. It still remains unknown when it took it’s name.

So, what does the name Aenos mean? The Greek mountains took their names for two reasons. The first reason was to define the limits and borders of the country and the second reason was for religious purposes.
In Greek, aenos (αίνος) means hymn, praise to the god. The top of the mountain was the exact place where the people and the priests were praying to god Zeus.
Also, a temple and an altar were built right on the mountain’s summit named Megas Soros which means Big Heap (of bones). Fossiled remains of the temple and burned bones of goats, sheep and pigs.
Unfortunately, today this huge Heap of bones is just a big pile of stones marking the mountain’s top.

It is known that many pieces of fossils and stones where taken as souvenirs or for personal collections of people around the world.However some of these rocks could be from the temple of Aenesian Zeus. 

A white beauty

Who could EVER get bored on this island??

A white beauty!

Dilinata and Evmorfia mt, Fragkata-Valsamata, Sami, Ithaca and mount Roudi National Park (Northern Aenos).

The Big Walk Kefalonia

We are so proud and happy that we helped the 1st #Big_Walk_Kefalonia to come true!

The event was very successful and decided to repeat it again next year!

We raised 13.000 euros of donations for #ARK(AnimalRescueKefalonia), #O_Allos_Anthropos(FreeFoodForAll) and #NurtureProject.

More than 100 people from many countries joined us on our last walk from Dilinata village to Argostoli.

And after that we had a great time at the party on Lithostroto street!

Congratulations to all!

Visiting Sotiras Cave

We visited the unknown for most, Sotiras cave.

Located between Karavomylos and Poulata villages and the name comes from the church of Sotiras (Savior).

It was demolished by the earthquake of 1953 and is very close to the cave entrance.

With an extremely steep and flimsy entrance, it makes the descent to the cave serious and dangerous,

while using ropes and speleological equipment is more than necessary.

Sotiras Cave connects with Chiridoni Cave.

Together they form a part of the large cave system in Sami region.

Probably since before the big earthquake of Kefalonia all these caves were communicating together.
The treasure that lies 50 meters below the earth's surface, rewards all the effort.
Enjoy our beautiful photos!

Kostas Vitorakis-Efi Nanousi-Dimitris Zampaklis