Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I pay?
A: You can use your credit card or even pay in cash.

Q: I have booked my activity. When should I pay?
A: You can pay on the day of your chosen tour/activity.

Q: I’ve never tried any extreme sports before. Can I do it?
A: Of course! There are various difficulty levels for every person and for each activity! Before you start, you will have a short training course so you will know exactly what to do and NOT to do!

Q: What should I carry with me and what should I wear?
A: Water and food (sandwich or snack) are supplied during almost every activity. If you want to bring some extra, you can do it. If you don’t have a back pack, ask for one! Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. A light weight jacket would be useful for activities performed in higher altitude, especially for Hiking, Safari or mount Aenos. Where the temperature will be 7-10 °C less than Argostoli. Don’t wear flip flops! Trainers and sneakers are the best thing to wear!Bring a hat, sun glasses and sun lotion. Last but not least, don’t forget your camera 🙂

Q: Where is the meeting point?
A: We will pick you up from accommodation as long as it’s not further than 25 km from Argostoli. So the areas included are Argostoli, Lassi, and the surrounding villages and Lourdas. We charge 15-20€ per vehicle (not per person) to pick you up if you stay further from the above locations. For even more distant locations, let us know where you will be staying at and we will give you a price with the rest of the details.

In the case that you have a car, we can arrange a meeting point just right outside from Argostoli!

Q: Oh no! It looks like the weather, at the day of our tour, is taking a turn for the worst! What are we going to do?
A: Relax and take it easy! Kefalonia is still beautiful even in bad weather. If things are really bad, due to safety reasons the activities will be cancelled. You wouldn’t like to be on the mountains caught in a thunderstorm, trust me! We can always change the date of the tour/activity, or you can choose a different activity more appropriate for the weather.
For Stargazing, even 50% cloudiness is considered to be bad weather conditions. You wouldn’t see any stars if it’s cloudy. Although, you can take your chances if you want and if you are lucky enough, maybe the sky will clear off. But we don’t agree with that.

Q: Hey it’s not my first time on Kefalonia island! I want to see something different. Can I choose the places I would like to visit during the tour?
A: Yes you can! We love tailor made tours as much as you do! Tell us your idea and we will make it happen!

Q: I like mountain biking but it’s so hot outside! Why should I be on a push bike under the hot sun?
A: We don’t like to be under the hot sun either. Especially when trying to climb up a steep uphill on a mountain. This is why we choose one of the best routes on the island which happens to be 85% downhill!!And under the shadow of fir trees in the National Park of Aenos! Nice temperature and a great view is guaranteed!

Q: I didn’t find Wild Nature Expeditions earlier and now I want to make a last minute booking. Can I?
A: No problem. Don’t wait any longer and contact us to check our availability! We work hard to satisfy all of our clients.

Q: What information should I provide to you, while booking via email/phone call?
A: We will need to know which accommodation you will be staying at, which area, how many people the booking is about,  if anyone is vegan/vegetarian(for activities and tours that include sandwiches), what your available dates will be, if you will have a car and if there are any health-related issues that we should know(for the activities).