The largest and the 3rd deepest cave of the island with 75meters of depth. And perhaps the most beautiful!

A long and exposed abseil (rappel) of almost 50 meters will lead us on the huge pile of rocks of the collapsed roof.

You will have to completely rely on the rope and the rest of the gear from the first second of the descend. The exploration of the cave will be very interesting as we will have a dark hall full of stalactites and stalagmites that we will have to find our way through them using our headlamps in the complete darkness until we reach a lake and another big pile of rocks blocking our way. We turn around and explore the rest of the cave. Another, much bigger lake awaits on the other side of cave. The adventure doesn’t stop here. We will have with us an inflatable boat and you can have an amazing boat tour in the lake admiring the sunlight trying to invade from the top entrance and the size of the cave. Everything in there is oversized and makes you feel small. Without a doubt it will be one of the best experiences you can have in Kefalonia. The only way up, just like any other vertical cave, is to climb up the rope with ascenders and caving techniques.

Heavy persons will find this trip more difficult. Not suitable for people who suffer from acrophobia or any other kind of fear of heights. This cave is ideal for people who have tried caving before (with us or elsewhere) or can prove and are sure that they are fit enough for this. Rock climbers should be fine. If you really want to do it and you have no previous experience, we can go caving in another cave first so you can test yourself and gain some experience and visit Aggalaki another day.

  • Pick up/meeting point and drop off
  • Caving equipment
  • Introduction to caving equipment and techniques
  • Sandwiches/fruit
  • Water/refreshment
  • Long hair should be tied in the back
  • Sports clothing and trainers