Grouspa in Kefalonian slang means Vortex. It is located very close to Argostoli and it is a relatively small cave but one of the most important, because of the bats! The maximum depth here is -24 meters. This is the easiest cave to do your first steps to the vertical world and it is suitable for all ages. It is a short adventure, perfect for those who want to try caving and all the required techniques, without pushing their limits. (If you feel that you need a bit more adventure, check out Caving and Canyoning Mix, which combines this cave and Vouvas Canyon).

We start our adventure with a very short easy walk, in order to reach the cave. We set up our ropes and equipment and that means the fun is about to start! After abseiling (rappelling) for about 15 meters, we enter the first chamber of the cave which is wide open and full of sunlight. But our adventure is not over yet! We turn our headlamps on and continue exploring the second chamber that is large and completely dark. The interior is spectacular. Stalactites, stalagmites, columns, sparkling minerals and flying bats is what you should expect. For going back to the surface, we have two options: 1) The ladder. Good choice for very young children and adults who would like to take it easy. 2) Rope ascent. For those who want a 100% caving experience. We attach our ascenders, footloops and the rest of the gear on the rope and in no time you are in the air again! Comfortable clothes and shoes with good grip are a must. The second chamber is muddy so keep in mind that you might get a bit dirty! We will give you some wet wipes after the activity.

  • Pick up/meeting point and drop off
  • Caving equipment
  • Introduction to caving equipment and techniques
  • Long hair should be tied in the back
  • Sports clothing and trainers