Heart of Kefalonia - Back to the village

We always believed that everyone should be a traveler and not a tourist.

On this tour you will be privileged to experience the local way of living in the village.

A Safari filled with the flavors and aromas of Kefalonia.

Everybody knows that the goats are one of the biggest attractions of the island. So we will go and visit them where they live: in their farm in the heart of the mountains!

A traditional Kefalonian farm awaits you to see from close the cheese making, the goat milking, the beehives, cute pigs, chickens and taste milk and freshly made cheese while being surrounded by mountains and goat bells will be echoing all around.

Dionisis and Makis will host us in their farm, they are two pure Kefalonian guys, super friendly and full of love and hard work for their farm.

Then we move on crossing the Robola valley where we will make our own traditional Kefalonian Riganada, accompanied by local wine if you feel like it, under the shade of a 500 year old plane tree-just like the good old times!

Great views are guaranteed all along our drive on dirtroads, on an altitude of 300m up to 1000m high.

Child Friendly
5-6 hours
100 kms
Starting Time
08:30 & 15:30
€72 /person