Guided Mountain Biking

Uphill, downhill.

Crossing through the National Park's various terrain or through small villages.

We will combine the perfect route for your riding day.

You'll be guided from the only Mountain Bike Instructor of the island.
Kefalonia's adventurous trails await!


Aenos N.P. - Argostoli

Starting from the mountain's highest point of the road, we enter a dirtroad and
circle half of the mountain through a fir tree forest, going downhill on a rocky
terrain while having a fantastic view of the sea and surrounding villages.
Halfway still on the same terrain, instantly the environment changes to a denuded
landscape with a breathtaking view.
In this trail all vegetation zones meet, making it appropriate for all summer long
due to the fresh temperature provided by the high altitude.
You'll enjoy a downhill ride of 35 km that consists of minimum uphills.

Heart Of The Mountains XC

Starting off from the wind turbines, located opposite Argostoli, we cross the
heart of Kefalonia's mountains.
This is about a difficult trail with steep uphills and with no shade. At the end
of these demanding 40 km we finish in Argostoli.
Not suitable for July and August.

Wind Turbines - Lassi

Starting off from the wind turbines located opposite Argostoli, we ride
downhill on an easy but adventurous and fun trails, making our way fast on winding
zig-zag dirtroads.
The finish line is not over though. As we get to Argostoli we'll have some more
fun, while riding on single moderate technical trails by the seafront heading to
Lassi, completing 30 km in total.