Rock Climbing


For Children


We teach you how to climb safely.

For Adults


We teach you how to climb high.

Rock Climbing

Deeply committed to making every person enjoy the way to fitness.

Rock climbing helps you keep yourself balanced mentally and physically.

You exercise your body and your mind as well. Hanging off a cliff with a rope, your next move is your only concern!
We have opened routes for all skill levels. Suitable for children or even experts!

All climbing events are supervised by Kostas and Efi who are experienced and certified climbers and mountaineers

Adrenaline Experience

Even if you have only practiced in an indoor climbing wall, this is a great chance to climb on real rocks.

Sport Climbing

Climb safe, our climbing areas! Routes for all, from the novice to the… “expert level”, for adults or children!

Climb safely and securely, Enjoy the magic of landscapes!

Contact us for more details and for the routes grades, their length, etc..