Let us show you the Kefalonian night sky from the highest

And most beautiful spots on the island!

Enjoy the sunset and see the lights of the villages becoming one with the stars as the sun goes down away.

Using our telescope and an astro-app, we will tell you everything about the Sun, the Moon, the stars, constellations, planets and their satellites and their connection to the Greek Mythology.

Try light painting and some night photo shooting and get some fantastic photos of you with the stars!

So even if you feel just romantic or you want to see Kefalonia "by night" and learn about the Greek Mythology and the night sky you see on your vacation this is one of the best choices for adults and children!

Stargazing can be performed in 3 different places. Mountain Ainos, the wind turbines park and at our base above Avithos beach in Svoronata.

Do not forget to check the Astronomy Calendar for 2022 so you can chose the best date for your holidays!

You can find it here

Please, keep in mind that the best nights for star gazing are the darkest ones because of low light pollution.

So even if the sky and the landscape are very beautiful under the full moon's light, you could hardly see the stars, the Milky Way, etc.

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