Shore Excursions

For the visitors of Kefalonia who come with a cruise ship.

Get away from the masses choosing one or more of our activities and tours. We know that your stop duration is limited. Don’t spend your time queuing long lines under the hot sun just to see a couple of highlights. Kefalonia is not an island to be missed.
Depending on the duration of your stop at Kefalonia, you can pick one of our tours/activities or combine two of them. A safari, an island tour (or the combination of these two), rock climbing or a short caving or canyoneering trip are our suggestions.
Contact us to tell us some information about when you are coming, how many are you and how much time you will have on our beautiful island and we will help you out to choose the best option for you. Be sure you will have a great story to tell to your friends back to the ship!